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National Service Scheme (N.S.S)


With an objective to inculate in students a sense of selfless sacrifice and service to the society of the N.S.S. unit of the college has come to its existence. Absolutely speaking, the very unit is a voluntary unit it is because National Service Scheme itself is a voluntary scheme, the motto of which is “ Not me but you” .

The training imapated by N.S.S. unit aims at building the character of the trainees and promoting national consciousness and sense of social responsiblity in them it also inclucates in them a sense of social service. N.S.S. is optional for the students. Those desirous, able - bodied students who want to join N.S.S. will be selected and enrolled in this unit. A total number of 50 students on roll from one N.S.S. unit. Each unit remains under the charge of N.S.S. programme Officer who is selected from the members of the teaching staff. A student is generally enrolled for two / three years only. Minimum of 70% of attendance in the physical work classes and attendance at two camps are compulsory without which there is the possibility of names being struck off from the roll. Materials issued to the members are returned to the N.S.S. office in time. Discipline becomes the main guiding factor in the N.S.S. The Programme Officer i sempowered to take disciplinary action against any volunteer. The Principal is the final authority relating to N.S.S. The members of the N.S.S. do generally have two kinds of duties. They are :

1.Normal Camping Programme

2.Special Camping Programme

The normal duty of students enrolled for N.S.S. shall be to undertake the projects assigned to them on sundays and other holidays. Altogether 25 such days will be utilised and sutdents shall work for 6 hours a day. This will come up to 150 hours for each student during the term. Besides under Special camping Programme, the N.S.S. students are required to participate in special camping programme especially during vacation, puja holidays and X-mas. This enables the students to enjoy a sense of community life. At the end of the session certificates are issued to students on the basis of satisfactory performance.


Youth Redcross


“Service to the mankind is service to the God”. To create a sense of humanity , social service, friendship and the ideals of peace in the minds of the young ones, the wing of Redcross gets its origin in the college simply to vindicate the aforesaid adage in the practical way of day -to-day life.

The officer-in-charge and his associates have the right to choose, decide and execute the day-to -day programmes with the sedulous efforts of the student volunteers. The volunteers are always expected to show much sincerity and selfless service in rendering Redcross activities without any expectation in return. The Prime objective of the volunteers should be nothing but “ Divine Pleasure” through selfless sacrifice & total dedication meant for the construction of a sound society.


Principal Message

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