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General Library Rules :-

Definitely and defiantly it can be said that “Library” is the heart of a college. It is nothing but a “Treasure House of knowledge and citadel of learning”. Thus, it is drastically said, “A library is truly a mirror of the spirit of dedicated study and aspiration for knowledge.” Thus, the Library of the college is not at all an exception to this rule. The books, it contains, are arranged in sections and sub-sections and the staff members and students deserve the right to use it as per requirement keeping the following in mind.

General Information :-

1. The Library is opened for a certain period of time in each working day as decided by the principal time to time. It remains closed on sundays and other authorised holidays.

2. Only the Staff, students and other qualified persons as the occasion permits may be admitted into the library premises. They should maintain silence as far as possible and should go out of the library except the staff members.

Rules to all Borrowers :-

1. No books shall be taken out of the library without the knowledge of the librairan and until it has properly been issued. Properly issued means it must properly be entered in the Issuing Register & signed by the borrowers.

2. Each borrower must examine the condition of the books before taking. He must inform the librarian if any defect is in the book. In case of mutilation of books, penalty will be imposed on the concerned students.

3. Books should be kept for a specific period allowed to a borrower. It must immediately be returned to the library if it is requisitioned.

4. Issued books must be returned to the librarian or in-charge and to nobody else, on no account, it should be transferred to any other person.

5. No borrowers are allowed to make marginal notes marking in the library books. The borrower may be penalized if any distortion is made to books.

6. If any borrower loses a book, issued to him, must submit an another similar book, if not, he/she has to pay ten times the value of the book as per the catalogue price.

7. The maximum number of books that can be issued at a time to various types of borrowers are as follows :-

(A) Teaching Staff - 05

(B) Librarian & PET - 01

(C) Ministerial Staff (Only story books)- 01

(D) Others - 01

(E) Students - 03

N.B.:- Books will not be issued beyond the quota allowed except urgent cases.

8. A teaching staff is not allowed to borrow books on the subject in which he is not a teacher. Text books are not issued to the students, it must be issued only to the teachers.

9. If any borrower keeps a library book for more than the stipulated period, no further books will be issued to him / her until the book is returned to the library.

10. The library premises shouldn‟t be used for any purpose rather than reading or consulting the periodicals of the library.

11. Spitting, smoking , sleeping inside the library & laying one‟s legs on the library furniture in a way of relaxing objectionably is strictly prohibited.

12. As library is the paragon of knowledge and hence it is the duty and responsibility of all to keep its sanctity. It is supposed to be the most sensitive and civil place and thus starting from borrowers to the staff members everyone should be polite and civil in their behaviour. Incivility and disregard, in any form, should immediately be informed to the college authority.

13. Every book of the library bears the stamp and book number. If any new book is purchased or acquired from other means, can‟t be issued to the borrowers unless & until they are stamped & numbered.

14. Towards the end of each academic year, all the books must be collected in for physical & stock verification, within the very period, the books must be tallied with the catalogues and the binding works must be done if damaged.

15. Library books are issued to the bonafide students on the notified dates for respective classes, on the prescribed date & time they have to give slips writing three books of their choice in order of preference and submit the same to the library and books will be issued to them as per availability. The sutdents are required to stand in a queue maintaining discipline during the issuing hours.

16. Libray book issued to the students are entered in their library cards. In case of loss of such cards, a duplicate may be issued on payment of necessary fee after having permission from the college authority.

17. A library books can neither be issued no returned without library cards, Hence students are subject to come with their library cards for the purpose.

18. Students while filling up their forms for exams. and while taking C.L.C. at the time of leaving the institute, are required to take a “No Dues” clearance certificate from the librarian. Similarly, in case of a staff member leaving the institute in a way of transfer or leaving in any form, must obtain a “No Dues” clearance certificate form the librarian and after that he/she would be allowed to get the “Relieve Order”.

19. The librarian is to submit a report every month in the following points:-

(i) Cataloguing of New Books

(ii) Binding of torn out books.

(iii) Binding of Journals & Magazines.

(iv) Annual Stock taking Report ( In the month of April)

(v) Ending of journals & Magazines.

(vI) Payment of Books & Journals.

(vii) Difficulties if any.


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