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The College Rules


Rules and regulations are a vital need for the smooth running of an institute. And in this connection, ours have also the rules and regulations along with some standing principles of the Deptt. of Higher Education, Govt. of Odisha.

Academic Session :-

The academic session of the college is from 1st June to 31st May. The 31st May which is an end of an academic session is followed by a summer vacation.

Admission :-

Admission to +3 Degree class (+3 1st Year) begins generally in the beginning of the academic session and continues till the last date fixed for such admission & it is purely through online selection process for which the online Common Application Form (CAF) is available on the website www.dheorissa.in and can be accessed at any place where internet facility is available.

Intimation letters are sent to the selected applicants through five modes (i) SMS (if mobile no. is provided in CAF), (ii) e-mail (if e-mail ID is provided in CAF), (iii) Website www.dheorissa.in, (iv) College Notice Board, (v) Toll Free No. - 155335. Intimation letters are not sent through Post.

The normal admission will be closed in five stages (i) 1st Selection Admission, (ii) 2nd Selection Admission, (iii) ST/SC Extension Admission, (iv) Balance Seat (Spot) Admission (for residual seats), (v) Admission after Supplementary / instant results publication.

Undertaking :-

A student is subject to produce an undertaking before taking admission into the degree class in proper form to the effect that he/she shall abide by the rules & regulations of the institute with decency.

Address :-

Address for correspondence is maintained in the college record with telephone / cell phone numbers. If any change is made, in this connect, it must be intimated to the office for no future inconvenience.

Bicycles :-

Bicycles and vehicles should be kept padlocked in the proper placemeant for the purpose. In no case those should be kept on the College varanda.

Identity Cards :-

Every student is issued an Identity Card & he/ She is required to keep his / her Identity Card always with him / her and to produce it at any time on demand in the college. In case the Identity Card is lost, it should immediately be reported to the office of the college thorugh proper channel and on submission of necessary fees, a duplicate Identity card is issued to the very bonafied student very soon. Misuse of Identity Card is no doubt an offence and hence every student should take note of it.

Attendance :-

A student is required to attend minimum 75% attendance of the total lectures delivered to him / her on individual subjects. If any student fails to vindicate his 75% of attendance, he/she will be debarred from promotion and appearing at the Final Examination meant for every subsequent year. Students having attendance of more than 60% but below 75%, may produce a “Medical Certificate” to avail the opportunity.

Notice :-

A student is required to see the notice board to know details of the notice given regarding informations like collection of dues, the commencement of examination, the closure of college and all other important academic information. So to see the “Notice Board” everyday should be a routine work of the student as it is the news brouchure of the college. Tearing, scratching and snatching notice from the notice board is an offence and anybody found guilty in this connection, shall severely be punished and penalised.

Collection of Fees & Fines :-

For the collection of fees and fines, a fixation has been made. Last week of every month will be the collecting dates. If the students fail to deposit their fees within the stipulated time period, they are subject to pay a fine of Rs. 03/- (Three) extra per month. If consecutively 04 months no deposit is made in the college office counter his / her name will be struck off from the college Rolls and needs to be readmitted with a months‟ extra fees as admission fees along with all the pendng dues and fine. besides the tuition fees, all the fines, examination fees and other fees are to be deposited in the college counter.

Issue of C.L.C , T.C. & Conduct Certificate :-

A student can be issued C.L.C. / T.C. at any time he /she wishes to take within or after his/her studentship. For that he/ she has to apply with the requisite fees stating the reason to the Principal clearing all his /her dues and with all the clearances at least 03 (Three) days before the issue date. Continuing certificates can also be issued to a student if applied with sufficient reasons as per the stipulations made for.

Progress Report :-

Since it is desirable to apprise a guardian of the information of his / her ward regarding academic performances, marks of different examinations, attendance in classes and other matters, Progress Reports etc. are sent at the end of each examination.

Other Rules & General Rules of Discipline :-

Some of the rules and regulations are there for the students which are strictly to be adhered to aiming at the dignity of the institute.

  1. Character reflects the individuality and hence every students objective should be to build his /er own character with genial behaviour.
  2. With the acquisition of knowledge other extra curricular activities like knowledge on art, drama, music, games & sports etc. should be acquired.
  3. A student should be sincere, regular and should maintain class room discipline along with the proper uses of library and leisure hours.
  4. A student should treat and count others as his /her brothers and sister and teachers as their guides, guardians and philosophers.
  5. A student must not be rude and discourteous to the staff members (both teaching & non-teaching) of the institute. They may bring any type of grievance to the notice of the Principal politely & corteously. Resorting to any type of violence is strictly prohibited.
  6. Groupism, hooliganism & communalism etc. are strictly prohibited in the college.
  7. A student, in no way, is allowed to make bully of others and any type of teasing to others is strictly forbidden.
  8. Students must not loiter on the college varandah when the classes are going on. During their leisure hours, they may be either in the Reading Room or in the Common Room meant for them.
  9. A student, if found interrupting in teaching in the class room intentionally, will be subject to strict disciplinary action.
  10. Students are strictly denied and prohibited to spit and write on the wall, floor, pillars and doors of the college and must not scribble, paste placards, posters and disfigure the college walls in any way.
  11. Students must not tamper & mishandle fans & electric switches and other articles or furniture etc. of the college.
  12. All the students must be decent, well-behaved in any match, participation of sports and any other function relating to college, otherwise they will seriously be dealt with.

Breach of Discipline :-

Violating the rules & regulations in any form is considered as a breach of discipline. Breach of discipline may lead a student to heavy punishment like fine, expulsion and rustication etc. from the college on the recommendation of the “Disciplinary Committee” duly constituted by the Principal.

Standing Instrctions to the Staff :-

The guidelines made represented should be aimed at by all the staff members from Teaching, Heads of Departments, officer-in-charge of co-curricular activities, librarians, PET, Head Clerk, Office Staff and all other Non-teaching Staff members.

Lession Notes And Lesson Plans :-

It is duty of the Head of the Department to see that the lesson plan of the prescribed course is prepared by him /her or by any other teacher of the deparment and copy of the same must be submitted to the Principal before the commencement of lectures on respective subjects. Lesson notes must be mantained by individual teachers in the prescribed Progress Registers. They are to be shown to the HOD‟s on every saturday or as when required by him. The same Progress Registers must be submitted to the Principal on the last working day of every month. They may be inspected by the Director, Deptt. of Higher Education, Odisha, Bhubaneswar at the time of his inspection or by any authority recommended by him. The Heads of Departments are held responsible for any disturbance in the maintenance of the Lesson Plan-cum-Progress Registers.

Examination :-

As examination plays a vital role in the measurement of standard of students and hence the institute conducts Test Exams. for students.

Pass Mark & Division :-

A candidate has to obtain minimum 30% of marks in individual subjects to pass in the exam and to make himself / herself eligible for different University Examinations.


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